Internal Medicine

Your pet’s health includes having healthy functioning internal organs. These organs can become ill or damaged as a result of trauma or hereditary factors. The diagnosis and treatment of your pet’s internal organs is handled by veterinary internal medicine.

Internal Medicine Services

Damage and other symptoms of diseased or injured internal organs are frequently not visible because they are located inside the animal’s body. Furthermore, our pets cannot notify us when they are in pain or experiencing other symptoms of internal organ problems. This is why a regular head-to-tail preventive care exam and good nutrition, especially for older pets, are essential to ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life.

We now have numerous methods for diagnosing and treating internal organ problems in pets, thanks to advances in modern veterinary medicine. We also have non-invasive equipment such as ultrasound and X-rays that allow us to examine and view an animal’s internal organs. Our diagnostic tools and procedures, combined with cutting-edge laboratory techniques, will enable us to monitor and diagnose what is going on inside your pet’s body without resorting to exploratory surgery. If needed, our team has excellent relationships with specialists to get the best care for your pet.

Endocrinology is an example of a critical internal medicine component for pets suffering from diabetes and endocrine problems. Modern veterinary medicine now has the tools to detect and manage diabetes in dogs and cats.


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