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Founded in 1976, the Pleasant Hill pet community and veterinary peers recognize Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital’s dedication to excellent medicine and compassionate animal care. Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital employs a team approach to your pet’s primary care: veterinarians and technical staff develop specific plans for each animal.

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Compassionate Veterinary Services in Pleasant Hill, CA

At Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital, we love animals and consider them members of the family. We support our animal patients and their families with the best diagnostic, medical, and surgical methods. We provide complete veterinary services for your pets.



We offer preventive care such as routine exams, internal medicine, geriatric care, puppies and kittens, health certificates, vaccines, spay/neuter, and lab work.



As a pet owner, you are aware that your pet’s behavior impacts all of your interactions with him or her, from mealtime to playtime to peaceful time spent together to separate time when you leave your pet home alone.



Many of our pets endure acute and chronic dental discomfort, systemic bacterial infections brought on by periodontal disease, tooth fractures, tooth resorption, and a variety of other oral disorders.



Our team has extensive training and expertise in performing a range of pet procedures using cutting-edge technology, current techniques, and equipment while always upholding the strictest safety and care standards.

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The veterinary team at Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital is devoted to your pet’s health and welfare. To keep them healthy, we provide high-quality, compassionate care that changes their growth and needs.


Dr. Anderson


Dr. Tutko

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